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11/20/09  (jp)  [1 Comments]

Peer Review in Adult Education Guidance Centres in Slovenia

Adult education guidance centres in Slovenia

Guidance has always been an additional activity of adult education and learning. It gained a new role and an incentive for development in the beginning of this century with the Memorandum on Lifelong Learning, especially with its fifth key message that addresses guidance for all, in all age groups. Thus guidance also gained an important role in Slovenia as a core support activity for the processes of lifelong learning of adults whose goal is to acquire new knowledge, skills and competencies that they need in their work, personal and social life.

Since 2001, adults in Slovenia have had a chance to receive free guidance from one of the 14 regional centres within the network for adult education guidance centres.In order to be able to monitor efficacy and efficiency of guidance centres, indicators for guidance centre activities have been determined on the national level; these are monitored and analysed regularly.

However, the five- or six-year review cycle demands a new development step in systematic monitoring of guidance centre quality. We wish to strengthen the experience we have with the monitoring of activities, complement the goals and monitoring methods with new aspects and thus implement systematic quality evaluation and development in guidance centres for adults.

Using Peer Review methodology in Adult Education Guidance Centres in Slovenia

One of the main aims of the project “Peer Review Extended II” for the SIAE was to translate the European Peer Review Manual into the Slovene language and to adopt it for use in adult education guidance centres.

The Peer Review Manual for Guidance in Adult Education is available in English and Slovenian.

A major first major step of dissemination is the training of counsellors from the Slovenian adult education guidance centres in using Peer Review. Dissemination and transfer activities also comprise the pilot implementation of the methodology in guidance centres and the monitoring of the implementation.

In 2009, the SIAE starts to implement the framework for quality assurance and quality development in the whole network of guidance centres; one of the methods that will be implemented in the guidance centres within the quality framework will be Peer Review.

The following steps are planned in the process of the implementation of Peer Review:

  • The guidance centres will prepare a SWOT analysis of their activities by using the analytical data that is already available.
  • At the same time, the training of counsellors from guidance on the Peer Review methodology will be carried out.
  • Reciprocal pilot Peer Reviews between the guidance centres will be arranged.
  • The next step will be the implementation of Peer Review. The results will be included in the self-evaluation reports of guidance centres.
  • At the end of the pilot implementation, a meta-evaluation of the whole process and its results will be carried out.
  • On the basis of the self-evaluation reports (which will not only make use of the results gathered in the Peer Review, but will be prepared also on the basis of other ongoing assessment processes) the guidance centres will carry out discussions with partners from their local environments.
  • On this basis, the action plans for the quality development of the guidance centres and for the whole network of guidance centres will be prepared.

Sonja Klemenčič and Tanja Mo˛ina
Slovenian Institute for Adult Education


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