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02/27/09  (jp)

Peer Review Projects

Since the conception of the project "Peer Review in initial VET" in 2003 three European projects on Peer Review were carried out:

Peer Review in inital VET (2004-2007)

Peer Review Extended (2007)

Peer Review Extended II (2007-2009)

38 project partners from 15 European countries have taken part in the three projects. Participating countries were: Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Slowenia, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

To assess the impact of the European Peer Review a Tranfer of Innovation (TOI) project was submitted in Finland in 2009 and promoted by the Finnish National Board of Education:

Peer Review Impact (2009-2011)