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10/30/09  (jp)

European Peer Review Reader

The European Peer Review Reader covers all activities and aspects of the European Peer Review experience 2004-2009. Past experiences of the Peer Review projects are reflected, the impact on VET providers and national systems is considered, and current and future implementation is outlined. Partners from all three projects have contributed their experiences, reflections, and future plans.

I.    Part one of the Peer Review Reader sets out with an introduction to Peer Review and to the three Peer Review projects, reporting facts and figures and assessing the projects from the perspective of the European project coordinator.

II.   A second part features the wealth of individual experiences of those who have been involved in transnational European Peer Reviews over the past years: the Peers and the VET providers from all over Europe.

III. In a short interlude the European Peer Training Curriculum is presented: Peer Training is considered oneof the crucial elements for further dissemination and use of Peer Review.

IV.  Last but not least, national Peer Review implementation in different countries is portrayed in exemplarycase studies. With an outlook on European developments to promote quality in VET and transnational Peer Reviews in the future the Reader comes to a close.

Download: European Peer Review Reader. Developments and experiences 2004-2009.

For a hard-paper copy please contact us.

02/24/09  (jp)

Peer Review Reader (German)

As a first product of the project "Peer Review Extended II" a "Peer Review Reader" in German has been published which describes the experiences of the Austrian schools and Peers. The Reader has also been distributed to participants of the Austrian Quality Conference in Vienna on Oct 6, 2008.

Download: Peer Review in der Berufsbildung. Projekte und Erfahrungen. Ein Reader. (German)

For a hard-paper copy please contact us.