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02/27/09  (jp)


The main products of the project are the European Peer Review Manual und the Peer Training Programme.


European Peer Review Manual Creative Commons License

The European Peer Review Manual introduces a European standard procedure for the use of Peer Review in initial vocational education and training institutions, and provides practical guidelines for implementing Peer Reviews.

A first version of the Manual did undergo feedback from different groups of stakeholders from all over Europe. During 2006, it was tested in a pilot phase. The pilot reviews and the draft European Peer Review Manual were evaluated. Based on the results the procedure and the manual were slightly adapted. The final version of the Manual was published in June 2007.

The European Peer Review Manual is available in print (EN and DE) as well as electronically from the project website in all partner languages here.


Peer Training Programme

A Peer Training Programme has been developed to prepare the peer experts for their tasks and assignments in the review exercise.

A first version of the Training Programme was completed by January 2006 and tested in the pilot phase.


Pool of Peer Experts

A pool of Peer Experts has been established for the pilot phase. More than 80 VET experts from 10 European countries have submitted their application, 50 of which could be assigned to Peer Teams for the Pilot Phase and have been involved in the practical testing of Peer Review.

Required competences for participation as a Peer include relevant professional expertise in initial VET as well as experience in quality assurance and quality development.

The list of persons with experience in Peer Review in vocational education and training will be available beyond the end of the project. It will be the basis for a register of European Peer Experts for VET.