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02/14/11  (jp)  [1 Comments]

Conference “Quality Assurance in VET”, Dec. 2, 2010 in Rome

On the 2nd of December 2010 an International Conference on “Quality Assurance in VET” took place in Rome, coordinated by the Italian Reference Point for Quality Assurance (www.rpnqualita.isfol.it).

The afternoon section was dedicated to the presentation of the results of the pilot extended implementation of the Peer Review methodology inside the Italian Network of schools and Vocational Training Centres. The project has been realized during 2010 having the following main aims:

  • Disseminating the Peer Review methodology at national level
  • Adapting the European tools to the national context
  • Improving the dialogue and the cooperation between the school system and the vocational training system
  • Using Peer Review as a tool to integrate self assessment with external assessment.

During the Conference all the schools and Vocational Training centres involved in the network have expressed a positive opinion about their participation in the project. They consider Peer Review as a methodology which can contribute to the improvement of the quality of their training provision and as a good chance for mutual learning among the main actors of training and education processes.

Ismene Tramontano presented also the “Peer Review Impact” Leonardo Project and all the members of the Italian network testing Peer Review expressed their great interest to be involved in the testing and the dissemination of the Peer Review Impact Guidelines considered as a tool to assess the real impact/improvement of their training provision connected to the implementation of the Peer Review methodology.

01/01/70  (jp)

Quality Conference for VET in Finland, September 2010

"Quality Assurance, Benchmarks and Peer Review in Networks"

The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE) organised the yearly Quality Conference for VET in Finland in September 2010. This year the topic was quality assurance, benchmarks and peer review in networks. There were more than 200 participants: principals, persons responsible for quality managements in VET organisations, teachers, and representatives of stakeholders.

Peer Review was discussed from different angles e.g.:

  • How does Peer Review support the assurance and improvement of the quality of education and training and of teaching and learning?
  • How to use Peer Review in competence-based qualifications (CVET)?
  • How to assure the quality of skills demonstrations by using Peer Review?
  • How to assure the quality of the curriculum by using Peer Review?
  • How to assure and improve the quality of projects by using Peer Review?
  • How Peer Reviews have been used in network of schools which provides special education and what are the experiences from the pilot?
  • How to use Peer Reviews to improve the quality of European Social Found projects?

Within the conference, a presentation about Peer Review and Quality Assurance in the Netherlands was held by Willem de Ridder from ROC Aventus (w.deridder@aventus.nl), a Regional Training Center in the Netherlands with an enrolment of about 15.000 students in full-time and also work-based education, with experience in organising and conducting transnational and national Peer Reviews. Read more about Peer Review and Quality Assurance in the Netherlands here.


Quality Assurance and Quality Development and experience in the use of Peer Reviews in the Netherlands
Willem de Ridder

For more information on the Quality Conference please contact Ms. Leena Koski: leena.koski@oph.fi

Leena Koski, Counsellor of Education
Finnish National Board of Education

11/11/10  (jp)  [4 Comments]

DeGEval Annual Conferenc 2010 in Luxembourg

„Evaluation and Methods“ 

The 13th DeGEval Annual Conference on the topic „Evaluation and Methods“ was held on September,15-17 2010 in Luxembourg.

Preliminary results of the international study on the impact of Peer Reviews in VET providers conducted within the project “Peer Review Impact” were presented by Maria Gutknecht-Gmeiner.

Presentation (in German)

Peer Review – und dann? Metaevaluation, Nutzung und Wirkung von Peer Review in der beruflichen Bildung.
Maria Gutknecht-Gmeiner

More Information on the DeGEVal Annual Conference are available on the DeGEVal - Gesellschaft für Evaluation e.V. website: http://www.degeval.de